Did you know?

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

- Hippocrates

Welcome to learning about your gut microbiome!

Scientists continue to study our gut microbiome and are learning just how important it is to our overall health.

Healthy gut. Happy you.

Did you know?

70% of the body's immune system is connected to the digestive tract.    A properly functioning digestive system is essential to maintaining overall health. 

Eat in Moderation:

Red meats

High-fat dairy foods

Fried foods

 Everyday foods:

Fruits & Vegetables

Whole grains

How to eat to benefit your microbiome?


There are more than 50 trillion bacterial cells in our body!


That is more than the amount of our actual human cells.


90% of these bacterial cells live in our gut.

Microbrial fingerprint?

Each of us has a gut microbiome fingerprint unique from anyone else.


Unlike your fingerprint - your microbial fingerprint can change.


Maintaining a balance of helpful bacteria versus harmful is essential to overall health.

Change is possible!

Diet plays a critical role for the bacteria in our gut.


Diet-driven changes can occur within days or weeks.


If you change your diet, your gut flora can change as well.   

Did you know?




Certain nutrients can only be made by our microbiome:


Vitamin B12

Vitamin K


Chemicals released by microbes can signal the limbic system-

part of the brain that processes emotions and stress.

Last but not all...

Make sure to get enough sleep, exercise and manage stress.  These all can have a positive impact on your gut microbes.


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