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Your personal gut microbiome.

All of us have good and bad bacteria living on and in us.  They make up our microbiome and generally live in our digestive system.

Gut Microbiome = our body's gut environment

Research is showing that our microbiome affects our physical, mental and emotional selves.  Therefore it is important to learn more about your microbiome and how the foods you eat can support it. 

At mixmi, we focus on making food that contains probiotics and prebiotic fiber to help our gut microbiome be healthy. Food for gut health.

Healthy gut.  Happy you.

Everything you eat impacts your gut microbiome for the better

or worse.  


Support your microbiome by increasing the variety and amounts of probiotics and prebiotics you consume. 


Feed your helpful bacteria and they will 'feed' you right back. 


Healthy gut. Happy you.

How can I help my microbiome?
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The good and helpful bacteria that are a natural part of our microbiome are known as probiotic bacteria. 


We can increase our probiotic gut flora by eating foods containing live & active probiotic cultures.

(mixmi has billions of Live & Active cultures per serving!  Plus, one of mixmi's probiotic cultures is Bifidobacterium, BB-12® -the world's most documented Bifidobacterium.)

Fiber... I know I need it.

Now prebiotic fiber?

Good digestion is foundational to a healthy body.  mixmi provides a good source of soluble fiber that has also been FDA approved as a prebiotic fiber.

Probiotics eat prebiotics.  Prebiotics are a special fiber that is undigested by us and therefore are available for the probiotics to eat.  In exchange, the probiotics produce vitamins and nutrients our bodies need.


Prebiotic fiber supports the growth of probiotics.

(mixmi contains prebiotic fiber!)


How much fiber do I need? 

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